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How to develop an Interface touch Multi-user Windows

There are several situations in which we can assume the ‘ use of a touch screen device from multiple users simultaneously but, in the time of writing, the touchscreen is ...

Evan Williams of Twitter: Instagram is not bigger than Twitter, it’s just different

Argumentative Evan Williams of Twitter: Instagram is not bigger than Twitter, Instagram is different from Twitter. Which are two different concepts, even if one does not exclude ...
Linux, government

The French National Gendarmerie abandons Windows and switch to Linux

The French National Gendarmerie has always been a champion of the ‘ open source .In 2004 he decided to elect the ODF as a standard format for your documents (installing OpenOffice ...
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Amazon will make two smartphones, one entry level and one with 3D interface

After weeks of silence returns to talk once again to Amazon and the presumed intentions of the group led by Bezos to throw himself headlong into the world ofsmartphones. During ...

Microsoft asks to enter HTC Windows Phone on its handsets

The recent acquisition of Nokia did not limit the ambitions of Microsoft, which wants to expand the market of Windows Phone also to other manufacturers. According to rumors report ...
Instagram, advertising

Instagram: It’s Official, advertising is going to get

There were rumors that Instagram had included mini-video lasting 15 seconds , and not 6 as the Vine, to add in the future of commercials that, according to many, would ruin the ...

Facebook introduces advertising on Instagram: it starts from the United States

Into Instagram confirms the introduction of ads to U.S. users. A short in the rest of the World. In July Mark Zuckerberg had confirmed the imminent introduction of advertising ...

Google wants to ban Banner Ads On Android

Into The Colossus of Mountain View seems intent on a big change in the policy of software development. Already this week, in fact, (more precisely, since September 20, according to ...
Adobe, hacker attack, source code, cybercrime, hackers

Coupler hackers to Adobe: 2.9 million stolen data

Through the publication of an important official statement Adobe said they had suffered, just in the last few hours, a hacker attack , very significant. According to the company ...
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New iPad, the camera is the same as the iPhone 5S

They are now months and months now that the network, and not only that, you repeatedly speaks of the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 , the two new models of tablet of Cupertino which according ...
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