Facebook buys Monoidics for fixing bugs, it is an Italian success story (maybe)

Into  Monoidics What Monoidics is a coup: to ask his help was no other than Facebook , interested in exploiting the software created by the to make your own social network safe and fully functional. The news will please all Italians, since the company acquired was founded by Dino Distefano, there is no need to rejoice, though: remember that this computer has had to migrate to London to see recognized its potential: we are still once, in short, before the classic brain drain.

Monoidics, the creation of which have also contributed to the Italian Cristiano Calcagno, Peter O’Hearn English and Korean Hongseak Yang, achieved Infer software be able to check any advance technological system, correcting the errors in time and avoiding, as a result, the default.

The program works and to prove it there is not only the recent purchase by Facebook, who showed interest in the work of Monoidics also Airbus and Mitsubishi, which are certainly not born yesterday two companies, is the company’s Menlo Park, however, to have convinced the team to make a quantum leap, because Zuckerberg – apparently – has spared no compliments or substantial compensation:

blockquote Into “Monoidics – says the team Facebook – produces the best analysis software to other software, can identify and eliminate bugs. And that is what we intend to use for our applications aimed at mobile devices. “

Into Congratulations to Italy for not being able to understand the time value of its genes.

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