Google Glass, big G wants to implement on the classic eyeglasses

The compatibility of Google Glass with much more traditional and popular eyeglasses if they had already started talking about a few months ago when, in fact, big G published a separate post on its social network confirming the intention to make their own glasses foraugmented reality accessible to everyone, without exception (or almost).

Now, weeks later, the issue has resurfaced but this time to draw attention to is not a status update posted on Google+ but the discovery of a new intellectual property.

It is a patent Google confirming a solution for eyeglasses that will provide consumers with a greater ability to use the device for augmented reality using the preferred frame.

The solution, in detail, it should be inclusive of a module coupled to a wearable structure that would adapt to prescription eyeglasses.


Google Glass Prescription

In the form should be attached control circuits, battery modules for communication with other devices and much more. The module in question could be achieved by exploitingaluminum material (eg stainless steel, titanium, gold, nickel and other alloys).

In the patent also says that such a system could be put on sale in retail storesallowing users to choose from different styles, colors and various other features.

Although the patent has been filed, however, be emphasized that this does not imply that the idea in question should actually become a reality and that can really be introduced to the market.

At Google, however, goodwill is not missing.

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