Self-Destructing Cookies, automatically delete cookies in Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser to surf online and if you are looking for a good tool by which you can increase your degree of privacy then, dear readers Geekissimo, you will be certainly more than happy to make the acquaintance of Self-Destructing Cookies.

It is a specific add-on for your web browser red panda that just as the name suggests has the purpose of“disintegrate” the cookies automatically.

This simply cookies, for the uninitiated, are small files that study the behavior of Internet users, tracing their preferences and are used in a legal manner to give the user what they want most.

The problem arises, however, with the third-party cookies, as in the case of those left behind by the advertisements, which do not respect the privacy of users.

Self-Destructing Cookies, therefore, helps to improve the security and privacy management on the network informing the user of the possible presence of cookies every time you open a website and listing them in a separate pop-up window, as it is also possible to see by taking a look at the attached screenshots illustrating the post.


These cookies can then be directly disposed of at the end of the card where it was opened that particular website or automatically disappear after a certain period of time configurable.

To choose which of the two modes to use and to specify the frequency with which remove the cookies in an automatic way you can act dall’apposito panel setting of Self-Destructing Cookies.

Download | Self-Destructing Cookies

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